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As an Aveda Concept Salon, we use Aveda products exclusively for all spa and salon services with a commitment to the highest standards of education and customer service so that beauty and wellness can be continued outside of our doors and into your life. JB Cavour chose Aveda because wellness for the whole person matters.  To learn more about Aveda and its mission to care for the world we live it, please visit www.aveda.com

Our like-minded, talented and motivated stylists, esthesticians and spa therapists have been carefully chosen for their commitment to practicing these ideals in their own lives, professionally and personnally.  Everyone at JB Cavour shares a passion for beauty and wellness  and wants to share that expertise with you, whether that means providing individually-tailored services, or a tip for helping you look and feel your best.

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0015Professional cosmetologist since June 2011

Professional related events participated:
I competed in a hair show at my school judged by salons and I received second place.

Why you enjoy being apart of JB Cavour Family?
This is a truly a family salon, since the moment I got hired I have felt so welcomed and truly cared about. It is nice to go to work and know that people care and want to encourage you in your career.

Why someone should come sit in your chair?
Each client gives me the chance to create their best selves. I love making people feel good about themselves and truly beautiful.

Specialty or favorite thing to do as a stylist?
 I have always had two favorites hair cutting and updos. A good haircut can make anyone change their perception of themselves and being able to achieve that as a stylist is the best feeling. I also enjoy updos, especially bridal, being a part of someone’s big day is so fun. I love how you can make anything happen with updos they hold endless possibilities.

Favorite Quote in life
Talent is cheap...but dedication is costly.

Favorite place or thing to do in New Brighton
I have not spent much time in New Brighton besides work, but I really do love Adagios’ pickle pizza.

Hobbies other than work
I spend a lot of time with my husband and we enjoy going to movies and just spending times with our friends. We both volunteer for a high school youth group on Wednesday nights and that is a really good time.

Favorite Aveda product
Tough one! I love them all! I do really like Confixor, it gives great hold without making the hair hard.



Marissa has 9 years of experience and loves what she does from extensions, to cutting, to color and waxing. Graduated from Regency in 2004.



Chelsey has won awards for her color techniques and has traveled internationally doing color.  She graduated from Aveda Institute and has over 7 years of experience.


Professional esthetician since 2011


Professional related events participated:
I did make-up applications for Aveda Catwalk for Water


Why you enjoy being apart of JB Cavour Family?
I like the feeling of being part of a family while also being in a professional environment.

Why someone should come sit in your chair?

Specialty or favorite thing to do as a stylist?

Favorite Quote in life:
The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.

Favorite place or thing to do in New Brighton:
Eagle’s Nest (an indoor playground)

Hobbies other than work:
I read whenever I can, spend a lot of time at play grounds with my girls, mostly I am just hanging out with my family

Favorite Aveda product:
Green Science firming eye crème


0001Guests should sit in my chair because I love finding what works best for my client and making them feel great! I like to enhance their facial features with a new cut, color, or both!

I love cutting short women's hair, anything from textured pixies to sleek bobs. I also love cutting long hair with layers and complimenting it with a great blowout!

A question I get a lot from clients is how to recreate a salon blowout at home. As a stylist, I'm alway looking for new ways to educate my clients on the right products and tools to help them get that look on their own.

One of my favorite products is the Brilliant Damage Control spray. It's weightless and works on any hair type! It gives great shine, protects from thermal and UV damage and helps detangle and condition the hair.

My favorite thing in New Brighton so far has been the local Dollar Tree right around the corner from the salon! That place literally has everything!

When I'm not at the salon I'm hanging out and playing with my son or catching up on my reality tv!




0031Professional cosmetologist since 1971

Professional related events participated:
Aveda Congress 2011, Aveda’s Advanced hair color training, certificate of achievement Aveda Hair Care, Aveda’s skin care program, Annual hair shows, quarterly education to stay current on latest trends.

Why you enjoy being apart of JB Cavour Family?
It is a family business, my husband and I started it 25 years ago and had no family in Minnesota. Now we have a huge family of friends here because of this business. It has changed our lives and am so fortunate to have friends that I have worked with for 25 years.

Why someone should come sit in your chair?
To come relax and leave with what they want. We offer scalp massages with every visit which our guests love. I truly want the person in my chair to leave happy and love what their hair looks like and know how to style it until they come back again.  My clients are my friends.

Favorite as a stylist:
I truly like it all and love that I have a career that can be different everyday. I love color, cutting, special occasion hair, styling… the list goes on.

Cutting, coloring, perms, men’s cuts and curly hair since I have it!

Favorite Quote in life:
Life isn’t about the breaths you take, it is about the moments that take your breath away.

Favorite place or thing to do in New Brighton:
I love smoothies, so having Orange Julius/Dairy Queen next door now is wonderful!

Favorite Aveda product:
Hair Potion, this stuff is magic it can make any fine hair seem like it has tons of volume!


0061Experienced stylist educated at Aveda Institute with extensive continued education.